The aim of the Forestry Incentives program, which has existed since 1984 and is today considered strategic for Klabin’s economy, is to amplify and diversify income in the rural area by forming forests of pines and eucalyptus in idle and marginal areas of rural properties, which will be supplied to Klabin as raw material. With benefits such as research and planting techniques which are disseminated among the farmers, this activity helps to settle rural populations, promoting recuperation of the vegetation. Since the start of the program, 19 thousand farmers have been benefited and over 160 million seedlings distributed. |GRI EC9|

Through the program, the company provides forestry technology to small and medium-sized farmers, bringing them into a globalized chain, promoting regional development, making wood available and creating opportunities for other industrial segments. The development of the forests is financed by two initiatives of the Federal Government, Pronaf (National Program to Fortify Family Agriculture) and Propflora (Program for Commercial Planting and Recuperation of Forests), in which Klabin is the co-signer of the farmers. To keep good productivity and a high technical level, the company provides the farmers with the guidance needed for the activity, from the supply of seedlings to support in the management of the forest and up to the sale of the wood.

In 2012, 648 hectares were planted in rural properties receiving incentives, increasing the program to 7.7 thousand hectares, with 321 farms getting incentives near the forestry units of Santa Catarina, Parana and São Paulo.

Forestry area (thousand ha) on 31/12/2012

Planted forests 242
Eucalyptus 90
Pine 149
Preserved native woodlands 213
Other areas 34