To accomplish its growth aspirations, Klabin has defined the following objectives and targets for 2013 and for the medium term as the most important:

Objective Target 2012 Result 2012 Target 2013 Medium term target (3 to 5 years)
Reduction of fixed and variable costs Conclude installation of the debottlenecking project for bleached pulp production at the Monte Alegre Plant (PR) Concluded - -
Expand production capacity of corrugated boxes Conclude expansion projects in Goiana (PE) and Jundiai (SP) Concluded in Goiana (PE). Jundiai (SP) in final stages Consolidation of the production capacity of Jundiai plant (SP) Install new capacities to accompany demand growth
Expand production capacity of industrial sacks Install new converting line in Goiana (PE) Earth–moving works and construction of industrial installations Start-up of new line and finalization of industrial installations in first half of 2014 Install new capacities to accompany demand growth
Make recycled paper more competitive Start project for new machines in Angatuba (SP) and Goiana (PE), with capacity of 300 and 100 thousand tons/year Announcement of installation of new recycled machine in Goiana (PE) – 110 thousand tons/year Installation of project of new machine Start-up of machine at beginning of 2º half of 2014
Economic viability study and approval of new pulp project Conclude studies and obtain environmental licenses Preliminary License and Installation obtained Start of access works to new site and finalization of financial structuring Installation of project in years of 2014 and 2015
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (1) 190 kg CO2 eq/t paper (Klabin S.A)
176 kg CO2/t paper (Monte Alegre) (*)
192 kg CO2 eq/t paper (Klabin S.A)
175,99 kg CO2/t paper (Monte Alegre) (*)
196 kg CO2/t paper (Monte Alegre) (**)
190 kg CO2eq/t paper (Klabin S.A) 185 kg CO2eq/t paper (Klabin S.A)
Reduce water consumption (2) 40 m3 t/paper 41,67 m3 t/paper 40 m3 t/paper 38 m3 t/paper
Increase participation of renewable sources in the energy matrix 75% 86,8% 85% 88%
Increase self-sufficiency in power generation 57% of requirements 55,85% of requirements 57% of requirements 100% of requirements
Raise efficiency, quality in soil preparation and reduce costs in the Forestry area of Parana Mechanization of 100% of soil preparation by June Concluded - -
Raise efficiency and reduce costs in the Forestry area Own workers harvesting in São Paulo and in Santa Catarina by September Concluded - -
Expand production capacity of sack kraft (for industrial sacks) in Correia Pinto – MP23 Increase of 80 thousand t/yr of paper. Start in 2012 Approval of project, obtention of environmental licenses and start to install Start-up of machine in fourth quarter -
Reduction of transport costs Purchase of 40 trucks with implements on high productivity routes. Start operating in August Concluded - -
(1) Including target for CO2 equivalent for Klabin S.A referring to scope 1 and 2 of GHG Protocol, where approximately 87% of the emissions are related to scope 1 and 13% to scope 2.
(2) Specific consumption of water (m3/t) – Paper Business Unit
(*) calculated on the basis of GHG emission factors Brazilian protocol of December 2011. Target and emissions calculated on the same basis and with the same factors.
(**) calculated using new factors of emission of December 2012 and with increase of extent of Scope 1 (inclusion of fugitive and agricultural sources)